An announcement from the Committee regarding membership

Posted on 10, Jun, 2015 in Uncategorized

As many of our members will be aware from the numerous pleas that we have published in Wagner News, and despite our having sent out individual letters and emails, we continue to receive a significant number of incorrect membership fees best slimming tablets.

At our recent Committee meeting the decision was taken to simplify the situation and to take action as follows:

  • Our membership fees will be £30 for a single member, £40 for joint members and £15 for student members.  There will be no further overseas or premium memberships.
  • From 30 March, any amounts paid in excess of the above will be treated as a donation to the Society
  • From 30 March, any amounts that have been received under those quoted above will be treated in their entirety as a donation and the member(s) in question will be removed from the membership list and will receive no further publications or mailings
  • A note to this effect will also be placed in the July Wagner News
  • No further reminders will be sent to these former members who have underpaid but, if they get in touch, they can repay the shortfall and be reinstated
We are sorry to have to do this, but our repeated requests have, in many cases, been ignored.

The Committee of the Wagner Society