Bayreuth Festival ticketing procedures

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The Bayreuth Committee of the WSNY would like to inform you of procedures for ordering tickets for the 2014 Festival. Also, see the Bayreuth Festival website: Tickets & Services, as provided in our Sept. 3 broadcast.

A new development: the Bayreuth Festival has announced that online ticketing will be available for 11 performances during the season. Online ordering for these performances will begin on Sunday, October 13, 1800 hours (Central European Time).

You can order tickets by clicking into (Online Ticket Shop) and following the specific instructions. You can order up to 14 tickets, that is, 2 for each performance or, for example, 3 tickets to the Ring and 2 for one other production (This information is given in the website in German only.)

Successful ticket purchase in this online ticketing procedure does not have any effect on your personal ordering statistics; your existing waiting times will not be affected.
The link will open with the following on the left hand side: Online Ticket Shop. Below is a box marked PURCHASE. Click on this to purchase your choice of the 11 performances that can only be ordered through this link. Dates and performances:
05.08.014 Walküre IV
08.08.2014 Holländer III
09.08.2014 Lohengrin IV
10.08.2014, 11.8, 13.8, 15.8:Ring II (complete cycle)
12.08.2014 Tannhäuser III
16.08.2014 Holländer IV
17.08.2014 Lohengrin V
18.08.2014 Tannhäuser IV
For the remaining 19 performances, from July 25 to August 28: We urge you to go to the link cited above for information about Online Ordering (different from the above Online Ticket Shop). On the right hand side, you will see Online Ordering. Below is a box marked Ordering. Click on this to order for other tickets in the schedule, provided you already have a customer ID and activation code. Deadline for receipt of these orders is Oct. 21. 
If you don’t have a Customer ID and Activation Code, you may fill in an application in the usual way and send it by mail or from the Bayreuth Festival website.
The Wagner Society of New York

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