Minutes of Committee Meetings


Minutes of committee meetings of the Wagner Society – generally held once per month (usually not in December and sometimes not in August) – are posted here once they are approved by the subsequent meeting and any requested corrections made.  The minutes are not redacted in any way.


WS 20200618 Committee Meeting Minutes 17th June 2020

WS 20200615 Committee Meeting Minutes 13th May 2020

NB: No meetings were held in March or April 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis

WS 20200304 Committee Meeting Minutes 26th February 2020

WS 20200116 Committee Meeting Minutes 15th January 2020


WS Committee Minutes 20th November 2019

WS 20191023 October 2019 Committee Minutes

WS Committee Minutes 180919

July 2019 Committee Meeting Minutes[1]

190619 Minutes[2]

190520 Minutes

190410 Minutes

190327 Minutes

190227 Minutes

190116 Minutes


20181121 WS Minutes November 2018

WS 20181010 Wagner Society October 2018 Committee meeting 10 October 2018 – Final

WS 20180921 Wagner Society Committee meeting 19 September 2018

WS 20180916 Minutes fo the July 2018 Committee Meeting

WS 20180620 Minutes of Committee Meeting on 20 June 2018

Approved Minutes of Committee Meeting on 14 May 2018

Approved Minutes of Committee Meeting on 17 April 2018

Approved Minutes of Committee Meeting on 20 March 2018

Approved Minutes of Committee Meeting on 21 February 2018

Approved Minutes of Committee Meeting on 18 January 2018


Approved Minutes of Committee Meeting on 15 November 2017

Approved Minutes of Committee Meeting on 17 October 2017

Approved Minutes of Committee Meeting on 20 September 2017

Approved Minutes of Committee Meeting on 16 August 2017

Approved Minutes of Committee Meeting on 26 July 2017

Approved Minutes of Committee Meeting on 19 June 2017

20170419 WS Committee Meeting Minutes

20170323 WS Committee Meeting Minutes

20170222 WS Committee Meeting Minutes

20170119 WS Committee Meeting Minutes


20161122 WS Committee Meeting Minutes

20161018 WS Committee Meeting Minutes

20160907 WS Committee Meeting Minutes

20160823 WS Committee Meeting Minutes

20160704 WS Committee Meeting Minutes

WS 20160301 March 2016 Committee Meeting

Submissions for Discussion

The next meetings of the Committee of The Wagner Society will take place on the following dates:


[AGM: June 2024 – exact date TBC.  Separate formal notice will be issued at least 28 days in advance of this date.]

The provisional dates for subsequent meetings will normally be the third Wednesday of each month.

Members are reminded that there is a 14-day deadline for requesting that an item be discussed at the meeting.  Any requests (with supporting papers) should be sent by that date to The Secretary by e-mail to secretary@wagnersociety.org. If you do not have an e-mail address then please send any request (with supporting papers) by post to The Secretary of The Wagner Society, 21 Lime Close, Wapping, London, E1W 2QP.

Members’ attention is drawn to The Constitution of The Wagner Society and in particular, to the following Bye-laws relating to Committee Meetings which read as follows: –

Bye-laws regarding conduct of Committee Meetings made pursuant to Clause 15(e) of the Constitution

  1. Any Member wishing an item to be discussed by the Committee shall request the Secretary not less than fourteen days before the date of the next Committee Meeting to put that item on the Agenda.
  2. Any proposal thus put upon the Agenda, if it is of any significance or difficulty, must be supported by a written paper, to be circulated to Committee members by the Secretary along with the Agenda.
  3. If any proposal is not an item on the Agenda, or, being significant or difficult, is not properly supported by a written paper, it shall not be discussed at that Committee Meeting except with the unanimous agreement of all the members present.
  4. No proposal involving commitment to significant expenditure by the Society may be made without the approval of the Treasurer.
  5. Any member wishing to make a complaint or personal point about any other member must first discuss the matter with the Chair or the Secretary. He may then request the Secretary to put the matter upon the Agenda.”