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As a Wagner fan, and being something of a completist by nature, Mark Ward has spent a good deal of time over the past 10 years tracking down all the available recordings of Wagner’s lesser known – and in some cases unheard – works. As a result Mark now possesses an unprecedented collection of these works, either on CD, tape, vinyl or MP3. A German-based organisation called PianoPianissimo Musiktheater (PPMT) has performed and recorded some particularly obscure fragments, whole pieces and completions, all of which are now available to download here.

A complete list of the works featured on the PPMT website is given below. Mark has a list of further works, which PPMT has not made available yet, and these are also listed below.

Mark hopes that you might visit PPMT’s  website, as these works could be seen as a fascinating and revealing ‘sideshow’ to the main bicentenary celebrations. Although it is of course always wonderful to hear the key Wagner works, it may be of real interest to many Wagner fans to see what else he was capable of. It is worth mentioning also that PPMT has performances of Wagner’s arrangements of other composers’ works, including Auber, Halevey and Gluck, most of which are still not available on CD/MP3.

MP3s available on the PPMT website

Ihr Kinder, geschwinde, geschwinde (WWV 113)
Männerlist größer als Frauenlist, Duett 3 (Uraufführung), WWV 48 
Einleg-Arie zu Joseph Weigls “Die Schweizerfamilie”, WWV 45 
Wahlspruch für die deutsche Feuerwehr, WWV 101 
Es ist bestimmt in Gottes Rat (completion) WWV 92
In Tempo di Porazzi für das Album der Graefin Tasca, oWWV 
Polka und Ländler zum Sechselüten, oWWV 
Cantico anticcho italiano für Peter Cornelius, oWWV 
Christus im Schiffe, aus: “Jesus von Nazareth”, WWV 80
Weckruf für Cosima, oWWV 
Seinem Seraphinenpüppchen, oWWV 
Zusätzliche Strophe Brünnhildes Schlussgesang (für Ludwig II) 
Tribschener Kinderhymne, oWWV 
Trinkgeld-Lied für Johann Rebel, oWWV 
Wiegenlied für Eva, oWWV 

PPMT MP3s which are in Mark’s possession, but are not yet available on the PPMT website (or anywhere on CD/MP3, except where noted):

Dein ist das Reich (WWV 19A)
Albumblatt fur Judith Gautier
Concert overture in D minor (WWV 20)
Doch jetzt wohin ich blicke (WWV 33)
Norma, il predisse, o druidi (WWV 52 – this is available on CD)
Gruss seiner Treuen an Friedrich August (version for male choir – WWV 71)
Wilkommen in Wahnfried du heil’ger Christ (WV 112?113)
Sanfte Wehmut will sich regen (WWV 43)

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