Andrew Medlicott, a former Secretary and Chairman of the Wagner Society, has bequeathed various items to the society including copies of Wagner and Wagner News (enough to give us an almost complete run of both publications) and, amongst other items, a number of mainly 1960s signed Covent Garden Programmes.

It has been requested that these are auctioned for the benefit of the Bayreuth Bursary and therefore we are holding a silent auction during September to ensure that we achieve the very best value for these unique items.


Silent Auction Rules

  1.   Closing date for bids – 12noon on Sunday 30th September 2018
  2.   Bids must be made at the stated reserve prices or above them in multiples of £5
  3.   Bids may be submitted with a maximum amount (i.e. please bid up to £x only) and the treasurer will bid on  behalf of members
  4.   Bids must be sent by email to and clearly state “SILENT AUCTION” in the subject field
  5.   Bids will be entered in strict order of timed receipt
  6.   Members may bid on any or all items
  7.   Bidders will be informed of their current position and of the final results by email.
  8.   Details of the current position of the auction will be maintained  on the website
  9.   Payment will be required prior to despatch of items to the winning bidders (the Wagner Society will cover postage costs)


Date Performance Signatures Reserve Current Bid
1 10th October 1959  Gotterdammerung Moedl and Frick £25  £25
2 21st September 1960  Die Walkure Hotter £25  £25
3 7th March 1961  Fidelio  Jurinac and Morison £25
4 16th March 1961   Ondine Margot Fonteyn £50
5 5th June 1961  Boris Godunov Christoff, Langdon, Evans £25  £25
6 12th June 1961   Lucia di Lammermoor Sutherland £25
7 3rd October 1960 Das Rheingold Kraus and Boese £25  £25
8 4th October 1960 Die Walkure Kempe and Nilsson £50  £25
9 12th January 1971  Turandot Nilsson, King, Vaughan £50