AGM 2018 Notice

 Notice is hereby given to members of the


 WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018 18:00 for 18.30 until 21.00

(N.B. Drinks at 18.00/Meeting starts at 18.30)

at Swedenborg Hall, Barter Street, London WC1A 2TH

The business to be conducted at the Annual General Meeting shall be:

(i) to receive, and, if approved, to adopt the Chair’s Annual Report and the Treasurer’s Statement of the Society’s Accounts to the end of the last preceding financial year of the Society;

(ii) to elect a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and up to 7 more members (which 7 shall include the 4 members who have been co-opted on to the committee since the AGM in 2017) of the Committee (but so that there are no more than 12 members of the Committee to include all Officers at any given time) of the Society;

(iii) to appoint an Auditor or Independent Examiner for the Society; and

(iv) to deal with any other business proper for an Annual General Meeting.

Any member who wishes an item to be discussed at the meeting must request the Secretary to put that item on the Agenda by sending same by e-mail to or by post to the address given below by Tuesday 17 April 2018, i.e., not less than twenty-eight days before the date of the Meeting.

If any proposal or topic is not an item on the Agenda, it may be discussed at the Meeting only at the discretion of the Chair.

Nominations for the position of any officer or committee member may be proposed by a minimum of two Members and must be received by the Secretary in writing by Tuesday, 17 April 2018, i.e., not less than twenty-eight days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.

Final papers for the meeting will be posted on The Wagner Society website: – by Tuesday, 24 April 2018.

 Any members who cannot access the papers on the internet should send a stamped addressed envelope and request for papers to the Secretary, 21 Lime Close, Wapping, London E1W 2QP.

As usual, members are cordially invited to join the Committee for drinks before and after the meeting.  Please let the Secretary know if you will be attending.

We look forward to seeing you there!

This notice is being posted on the Society’s website in accordance with Clause 9(c) of the Constitution of The Wagner Society